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83. Xiamen "Haitian Bay" Yacht Industry Project

Description:The project is located along the Haicang Bay of Xiamen, with the proposed construction of public tourism wharf and supporting the marina development zone, and the functions include the Joint Inspection Building, National Opening Ports, Yacht Trading Center, and Headquarter of the FTM in Asia-Pacific Region.

Reasons and conditions:Xiamen City has initially established the yacht industry chain featuring yachts manufacturing as a leader, and the constructions of yacht club, marina and other supporting facilities, which has gradually become a new leader and bright spot of Yacht Industry in the West Coast of Taiwan by holding forums and events each year.

Preliminary work: Design companies have been entrusted to make conceptual solution designs.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 3 billion yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:The expected annual operation revenue is nearly RMB 6 billion yuan after completion of the project.

Contact us: Xiamen Haicang Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Chen Jing Tel:0592-6881***

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:1360600***




84. 閩東“祥瑞畬鄉”旅游演藝經(jīng)營(yíng)權轉讓項目

項目基本情況:項目地址為東區旅游生態(tài)城,在縣東區旅游生態(tài)城中規劃35畝,與寧德市畬族歌舞團合作演出,建設實(shí)景演出場(chǎng)地,并配套建設相關(guān)演出設施。屏南擁有白水洋和鴛鴦溪兩個(gè)國家5A景區,2014年接待游客量達249.1萬(wàn)人次,該項目建設可供游客晚上娛樂(lè )消費。

轉讓前期工作進(jìn)展情況: 2014年與寧德市畬族歌舞團合作演出《祥瑞畬鄉》30場(chǎng),該項目已列入東區旅游生態(tài)城發(fā)展規劃,現已完成征地和項目策劃工作。



投資項目聯(lián)絡(luò )單位:屏南縣文化體育新聞出版局

投資項目聯(lián)系人:蘇旭東 投資項目聯(lián)系電話(huà):0593-333***




84. Mindong "Auspicious Shexiang" Tourism Performance Franchise Transfer Project

Description:The project is located at Eastern District Eco-tourism Town, with a planning area of 35 mu inside the Eastern District Tourism Eco-Town of the County, and shows will be performed in collaboration with the Ningde City She Nationality Song and Dance Ensemble. The project includes the establishment of performing venues and supporting facilities. Pingnan County has two national 5A scenic spots of Baishuiyang and Yuanyang Xi. It receives 2.491 million tourists in 2014. The project can attract tourists’ consumption at night.

Preliminary work:With a total number of 30 Auspicious Shexiang performance shows in cooperation with the Ningde City She Nationality Song and Dance Ensemble in 2014, the project has been included in the development planning of Eastern District Tourism Eco-Town. Right now, the land acquisition and project planning have been completed.

Transfer cost, method and conditions:The estimated investment is RMB 900 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:Considering 30% of the tourists to Baishuiyang come to watch the tourism entertainment shows, the project has relative higher economic effects.

Contact us: Pingnan County Cultural and Sports News Publication Bureau

Contact person:Su Xudong Tel:0593-3332***

Contact person:Chen Jian Tel:1305559***



85. 泉州德化上涌鎮生態(tài)旅游項目招商引資

投資項目?jì)热、投資建設規模及投資項目選址:建設集森林養生保健中心與會(huì )所、運動(dòng)療養所、游客集散中心、酒店、綠色果蔬種植業(yè)、名貴花卉苗木產(chǎn)業(yè)等為一體的田園生態(tài)休閑、度假、養生綜合項目。項目選址于德化縣上涌鎮。





投資項目聯(lián)絡(luò )單位:德化縣上涌鎮人民政府




85. Quanzhou Dehua Shangyong Town Eco-Tourism Project

Description:It is planned to develop the rural ecological leisure, vacation and health care projects integrating forest health care center and clubs, sports sanatorium, tourist hub, hotel, green fruit and vegetable farming, rare flowers and nursery stock industry in complete. The project is located at Dehua County Shangyong To***

Reasons and conditions:Shangyong Town is in the northwest of Dehua, located at the vast basins in the middle of the Daiyun Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain, with open terrain and mild climate, the average annual temperature is 16 , which is conducive to the development of large-scale agriculture industry. The Provincial Highway 206 passes through the area, and inter-connection gates are arranged in the upcoming construction of Xiasha Highway with convenient traffic conditions.

Preliminary work:The project planning has been completed.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 250 million yuan, and can be solely owned, by joint venture or cooperation.

Analysis of economic benefits:The project site is blessed with favorable natural conditions and sound infrastructure and follows national development direction and will deliver economic benefit. The investment payback period is about 5-10 years.

Contact us: People's Government of Shangyong Town, Dehua County

Contact person: Mr.Zheng Tel: 0595-2367***


86. 龍巖市武平縣花澗客棧項目招商引資

投資項目?jì)热、投資建設規模及投資項目選址:在城廂鎮園丁村建設400畝綜合項目,包括垂釣基地,水上樂(lè )園、四季觀(guān)賞花卉基地、四季采摘水果基地、30幢小型農家客棧和自行車(chē)賽車(chē)道、文化創(chuàng )意園等。





投資項目聯(lián)絡(luò )單位:武平縣發(fā)展和改革局





86. Longyan City Wuping County Flower Stream Inn Project

Description:It is planned to develop a 400 mu comprehensive project at Yuanding Village, Chengxiang Town, including the Fishing Base, Water Park, Four Ornamental Flower Base, Seasonal Fruits Picking Base, 30 small Farmhouse Inns, bicycle racing track and Cultural Creative Park, etc.

Reasons and conditions:Wu Ping is one of 66 national major eco-tourism counties, and the ecological and environmental quality ranks the second in the province. Wuping County gives priority to Yuanding village-an important flowering- featured village. The ten miles flower corridor has been built and just at the entrance of the project, with the nearby Liangye Mountain as the National Nature Reserve. Also the neighboring Baijiaxing Town and Zhongshan Town are renowned historical and cultural towns in China.

Preliminary work:Project feasibility study has been completed.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 130 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:The expected annual return rate is above 25%.

Contact us:Wuping County Development and Reform Bureau

Contact person:Liang Senjin Tel:1395907***



87. 長(cháng)汀縣三洲鎮休閑旅游項目招商引資


投資項目建設理由和條件:周?chē)型〗瓏覞竦毓珗@、中國歷史文化名村、龍巖市“十大旅游名鎮”、萬(wàn)畝楊梅生態(tài)園、汀江十里河灘景觀(guān)等旅游資源。地塊平坦,土壤肥沃,水渠道路等基礎設施完善。龍巖市范圍內還沒(méi)有大型水上娛樂(lè )項目,發(fā)展潛力巨大。尋求意向投資人,組織專(zhuān)業(yè)旅游開(kāi)發(fā)設計團隊開(kāi)發(fā)建設。




投資項目聯(lián)絡(luò )單位:長(cháng)汀縣三洲鎮人民政府





87. Changting County Sanzhou Town Leisure and Tourism Project


Description:It is planned to develop a modern tourism experience park covering an area of 800 Mu, including the Sanzhou Heyuba, Qiufang Leisure Farm Project and Water Sports and Leisure projects.

Reasons and conditions:The project is surrounded by tourism resources such as the Dingjiang National Wetland, Chinese Historical and Cultural Village, Longyan City "Top Ten Tourism Town", Ten thousands mu of Bayberry Ecological Park and Dingjiang Ten miles Beach landscapes and so on. The land is flat with fertile soil and completed infrastructures, such as water canals and roads. There is still not a large water recreation project within the scope of Longyan City, thus the project has a huge development potential. The project intends to seek interested investors, and organize professional tourism development and design team to carry out development and construction.

Preliminary work:Project feasibility study has been completed. And the land acquisition has been completed.

Total investment:The total investment will be RMB 100 million yuan.

Analysis of economic benefits:After completion, the estimated annual revenue is of RMB 20 million yuan, and the investment profit rate is above 25%.

Contact us:People's Government of Changting County Sanzhou Town

Contact person:Qiu Zhentian Tel:1586018***



88. 南日島生態(tài)旅游開(kāi)發(fā)項目招商引資






投資項目聯(lián)絡(luò )單位:莆田市秀嶼區招商局





88. Nanri Island Ecological Tourism Development Project

Description:It is planned to integrate tourism resources of the whole Nanri Island, and comprehensively develop the island and surrounding islets to build a leisure seaside tourism area integrating with the coastal sightseeing and leisure, health care, seafood, beach sports, and other functions. The project is located on the Nanri Island, Xiuyu District, Putian City.

Reasons and conditions: Nanri Island is the second largest island of Fujian Province; the island is rich in 100 kinds of famous aquatic products such as abalone, grouper, big crab, and prawn. There are Jiuchong Mountain Wonderland, Gangnan Golden Beach, the Emperor Mountain, Jingzai Matsu Temple, Eighteen Islands, Bird Island and Floating Island Breeding Base and other tourist attractions.

Preliminary work:Conceptual planning has been completed.

Total investment:The investment plan depends on specific projects.

Analysis of economic benefits: The economic benefits depend on specific projects.

Contact us:Merchants Bureau of Xiuyu District, Putian City

Contact person:Yang Zhi Tel:1805051***



89. 尤溪縣聯(lián)合梯田旅游開(kāi)發(fā)項目招商引資


投資項目建設理由和條件:聯(lián)合梯田規模宏大,氣勢磅礴,綿延整個(gè)中高山片區的八個(gè)行政村,面積達萬(wàn)畝。近來(lái)以來(lái),聯(lián)合梯田的知名度日漸提高,被稱(chēng)作福建省最美的梯田,擁有“中國五大魅力梯田”之一的美名,已成為福建省攝影創(chuàng )作基地,2013年被農業(yè)部評為中國重要農業(yè)文化遺產(chǎn)。




投資項目聯(lián)絡(luò )單位:福建省尤溪縣旅游局






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